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Privacy Policy

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What personal information we store

We only store the absolute required personal information that is needed by your property management team in order to provide you with their services. PowerStrata will never ask for your financial information such as bank account or credit card numbers.

The information we store about you includes:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Emergency contact name and phone number
Why we need this information

One of the primary objectives of PowerStrata is to facilitate communication between the members of a strata corporation and its management team. Your contact information will be shared with those who are authorized to use it in order to:

  • Do the regular correspondence related to strata management
  • Provide you with the information about your property
  • Notify you about events happening in your complex
  • Contact you in case of emergency
Who sees your information

PowerStrata shares your information only with your strata management team and strata council members. We never share or sell your information to third parties. Homeowners other than strata council members, will not be able to see your personal information or contact you using PowerStrata.

How long your personal information will be kept

Your PowerStrata account expires on the day the ownership of your property gets transferred, and you move out. Your information will be kept and shared with the strata management team up to two months after the expiry date of your PowerStrata account. Between two to twelve months after your account's expiry date, your personal information will be kept in the system but become inaccessible by the management team and the strata council members. One year after the expiry date of your account the information will be permanently deleted from our servers.

How we protect your information

PowerStrata employs the best practices to safeguard your personal information. The communication between your web browser and our server takes place over a secure connection that encrypts data before being transmitted over the Internet. Encryption makes it virtually impossible for unauthorized people to view information travelling between computers.

User accounts are protected by passwords that get encrypted on the server. We use a one-way encryption algorithm, which means if you lose your password; nobody can recover it for you. In a situation like this, you must reset your password to receive a new one.

Access rights

Users of PowerStrata are categorized into a variety of groups. Each group of users has its own set of access rights. This means nobody will have access to anything other than what he or she is authorized for.